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The Eurotel Altura Hotel & Beach follows an environmental policy by practising eco-efficient management in order to minimise the environmental impacts of its activities and services. In this way, it makes rational use of natural resources and energy, keeping the effects of pollution on the environment to an absolute minimum.


Some concrete examples of the hotel's good environmental practices are, among others: 

– The installation of 96 solar thermal panels, which can produce as much as 70% of the hotel's hot water requirements.

– The recycling through business partnerships of all the oils used by the hotel's kitchen and maintenance services.

– The separation and sorting of all waste: organic, paper and cardboard, glass, metal and green waste (from gardening, etc.).

– For a year now, the hotel laundry has been saving energy by using the short, low temperature (40º) cycles on its washing machines. 

– In 2012, at least 15 energy monitors (electricity, gas and water) were installed at various sites around the hotel, resulting in a drop of around 20% in energy consumption.


In compliance with current legislation, the Eurotel Altura Hotel & Beach: 

– regularly evaluates the environmental impacts it may cause, complying with any and all standards and regulations applicable to sustainable tourism;

– maintains partnerships with external bodies in both the public and the private sectors (governmental institutions, municipal councils, associations, suppliers, etc.), in order to improve the environmental performance of the hotel's activities, products and services. To achieve this, guests and employees are encouraged to become actively involved and the hotel runs awareness-raising campaigns for the staff.

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